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This will probably mostly just be a place to keep notebooks. So:

Assorted topics

Signal Detection Theory, Part 1

Here’s a Jupyter notebook about odds ratios that I made.

Programming for CSD notebooks

Week 1: Variables, Operators, and Intro to Functions

Week 2: Modules, Packages, and Intro to Plotting

Week 3: Control Flow

Week 4: Intro to Digital Signal Processing

Week 5: FIR and IIR Filters

Weeks 6 & 7: Noise Vocoded Sentences

Week 8: Pandas

Week 9: Data Visualization

Week 10: Linear Models, Generalized Linear Models

Week 11: More (Generalized) Linear Models

Week 12: Time Series

Week 13: Intro to Bayesian Data Analysis

Week 14: More Bayesian Data Analysis